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Today released version 1.6.3 with error fixes for iStock. Please try this one. Do you see correct data on iStock website My Uploads page?

Numbers for iStock are way off right now because of Partner Program stats. It doesn't show most of the PP sales. I'm working on update.

Since Shutterstock has changed popular sorting all revenue projections are way off. Approximately, I would expect revenue predictions for any photoshoot after April 2011 to be 4-5 times less then actual revenue. Also, even for older photoshoots predictions can be very different from reality if photos on other stocks are selling better then average for your portfolio. Plus any seasonal images are always off ;) My plan is to replace predictions algorithms completely to have more accurate results.

Yes, there is something strange with IS update atm. Please try to force full update this can fix the problem while I'm working on proper fix.
Are you sure that filessets disappears? Maybe it is fileset scrollbar on some wrong position. Please try to scroll the bar to upper and lower position to see if this will solve it.

There can be some difference in GI sales because iStock doesn't show download dates for GI files on GI sales page. I will change this in new version to read from graphs. This will help with many errors. Do you see any error message on startup that asks you to overwrite database?

File sets should work just fine. If you don't have any information to loose. You can try to completely delete database and all files from My Documents\Microstock Analytics folder.

Stats fetch is doing incremental update. The reason it can take a while is that there are many different types of files and sales to check.

It looks like error iStock side. How big is difference in terms of dollar amount? You can reply via email if you want.

Microstock Analytics 1.6.1 is out:
- New installation program. Tested for compatibility with newest Norton Internet Security and Kaspersky
- Added Downloads and Downloads/Month sort modes
- Added title, description and keywords information in file edit dialog (open using double click on files)
- iStock: fixed GI sales not being updated

;) I know where it is located. Every time I start MA it is 50 and I have to change it to 100 and it stays 100 until next restart of MA.

Thanks for pointing this out. It is fixed in latest version.

It does, but it is located on Misc tab in Preferences dialog.

Released version 1.6.0
- support for site updates on Shutterstock and Single Downloads support
- fixed errors with upload dates on 123RF
- fixed login on iStock (sometimes login did not work from the first time)

Shutterstock changed fortmat of pages recently. There will update this week (plan to release on Friday) with support of updated format.

I have some issue here. My portfolio has some dls and I can see it on site, then I update stats with MA and when I made an addition through years I can see some 600+ downloads more than I have on the site. Site does not calculate pp and Getty sales in the sum downloads but i have doubt that I have so many pp sales which I opted out long time ago. Also I can see some mismatch errors when I collect stats (I already sent you that report). Please, could you explain what MA collect (pp,getty...) an is there any chance to separate those dls? Thank you.

According to error reports there are only less then 10 sales mismatched. This may be false positives. I will be updating validation process to support updated statistics in iStock. After update errors may disapper. PP sales should be visible in "Revelue Split" graph. It shows total earnings rather then download count, but it should easy to calculate downloads.

Today released Microstock Analytics 1.5.8
Changes in new version:
- Database backup and autosaving
- Fixed Drag and Drop files to Fileset when in non-default sort mode
- Added files sorting selection in add/edit fileset dialog
- Fixed Bug - few files are displayed after joining files if search option is used
- Made Files selection color darker
- New version saves all major interface settings (graph and sorting modes and window sizes)
- 123RF support: Fixed initial update and upload dates
- Fotolia support : Fixed file id error
- Added File descriptions in tooltips
- Optimized memory usage during stats update

New version as always available at:

Huh? When you search or when buyers search? Why would you need to upload again, if they are already there? Sometimes I get really confused with all this.

There is only one page search result. I'm pretty sure buyers will not see images on this one page either. Why to reupload? IMO, search engine is using downloads/age metric to sort images. And this metric is given quite a high weight. So what happens if I get lets say 4 times less downloads for new images. After bug is fixed all new images will be pushed pretty far back in search results and will be selling less then they would normally do.

For me new files are not being displayed in popular and relevant searches. Only in newest. This explains why new files get much less sales. Doesn't make any sense to upload files until the problem is fixed. And probably will have to reupload new files after that.

Is there a way to delete the database and create a new one? I tried to uninstall the application and everything but couldn't find a way.

I think you can just rename the MicrostockAnalytics directory in your MyDocs folder. 

Tyler, thanks for answering this one. Yes or you can simply delete this filter. But I like renaming better because you keep a backup this way.

Sorry for bug in latest version. The problem is finally fixed in 1.5.5

Do NOT enter your login info again in old version. Please update to new version first.

Added code that will prevent database overwrite in future. So this will never happen again.

There was a database compatibility problem in this version. Please update to the newest:
This should solve it.

Do you use save password option on startup or you enter login/password to manually every time?

Pro 1000 will be enough for up to 1000 files on each site.

Release version 1.5.3:
- Fixed errors for iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, 123RF that appeared during stats update process. Thanks to everyone for error reports.
- Sorting in Keyword Sales window now works correctly.
- List of keywords in Optimize Keywords window is filled autimatically from selected files. There is still a possibility to paste keywords from clipboard in case you optimizing keywords for new files.
- Added Ctrl+A combination support in list of files.
- Filesets sort by name mode.
- Adding files into fileset using Drag-n-Drop from file list.
- Option to show unassigned files in main window (toggle on the right side to upload month filter).
- File filtering by type (photo, video, vector, audio).
- Optional confirmation when joining the files (can be configured in Preferences window).

Update as usual is available at:

Hi Tyler, good to know you that like new features.

I got feedback that 7 first keywords are no longer important on Fotolia. And was told that this info comes directly from Fotolia. Can anyone confirm this?

That's a good idea! Added this to my list.

Newest version of Microstock Analytics now comes with Keyword Statistics and Keywording Optimization.
Program collects keywords used by buyers to buy your images from Dreamstime (Buyer searched after column) and from Shutterstock (Image Gallery Stats in Darkroom).

Statistics for single file, fileset or selection is displayed in Keyword Sales tab:

This information can be very useful for optimizing keywording for existing or new files.
New tool allows you to insert keywords and optimize order of keywords, keywords count and add missing keywords. All based on what buyers searched after:

Sort by Revenue will put keywords that were already used by buyers in the beginning. This is very usefull for Fotolia where first 7 keywrods are most important.
Limit Number of keywords. Best to use this function after sorting to make sure important keywords will remain in the list. This is very useful for Dreamstime. According to my test I was able to improve placement of my files on iStockphoto by 10% by limiting number of keywords.
Add missing keywords. This will make sure you not missing any important keywords.

Keywording Optimization works best if you select few similar files first. This can be easily done using search function.

I would like to hear your opinion on how useful you find this feature. Also any optimization strategies you're using that can be implemented in future versions to help you improve/automate this process.

Grigor, this depends on the site. On iStockphoto it should disappear from the list of files. On other sites it still will be in database. Right now only way is to delete the database and fetch statistics again. In future it would be good idea to hide deleted pictures on other sites as well. But I don't know if this wold be desired behavior for most of the users.

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