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Im now only submitting 3 or 4 (different) pictures at the same time and this seems to work- nearly no rejections. As soon as submitting more pictures than 4 at once they get rejected.

Friday edit: yesterdays and todays pics again all rejected for blurr.
Same scenes as pics that were accepted before.
Either they all get accepted or all get rejected. Although they have nothing in common (different days, different subjects).

I simply cant understand their system. It seems to be completely depending on WHO is reviewing the pics....

Big Stock. It follows the same patterns as SS.

In my case BS rejects completely different pictures than SS does....
If they get rejected on SS BS will accept them - and the other way round.

53 / Re: Views / Zooms huge drops in April
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:53 »
Since Alamy does not offer subscriptions, this is what I see overall with all agencies:

on demand sales totally fading away, only cheap subscription sales left :(


I think picworkflow has more functions than xpiks including the ability to store your files with them and also you only need to upload once if using picworkflow and they send to all sites using their bandwidth, where as xpiks works as traditional ftp.

I dont know what xpiks does but with picworklflow I do indeed upload a picture once to their storage and click which 10 or 20 agencies I want them to submit to. They then downsize to the allowed size and submit my picture to all agencies I asked for.

I had a very slow connection until recently and it took every picture 4 or 5 minutes to upload. So I was happy to only upload them once and they distribute them.
Xpiks sounds more like an FTP upload like FileZilla?


You pay 1 or 2 cent per picture per upload (via credits you have to buy first).
There is a plugIn for LR, so you can upload right from LR after keywording.
But you still have to visit the different agencies to do the "last bit" - like distributing them into the right category.

Did a lot uf uploads via picworkflow last year.

Now I do most via FTP and only a few via picworkflow. Those, that require small sizes like 20 MB max- picworkflow downsizes pics if you want that option. So they downsize and than upload for the money I pay.

56 / Re: Payout Alamy - cleared balance
« on: April 10, 2020, 04:36 »
They made it an easter present - finally:

Current Cleared Balance: $94
We'll pay you on 01 May 2020

My downloads went down from the second week of march.
I have only a few downloads now and all of them are cheap subscription downloads.
I usually have quite a lot on demand downloads with a higher price but those completely stopped from mid march on.

Over the last two weeks I tried submitting only one or two pics at a time, only the best, during daylight, full frame sensor, in my opinion no technical problems.

All rejected for noise.
I give up with shutterstock.
At least for the moment.

Shooting outside on a sunny spring day with ISO 200 and still getting noise rejection...what?

I can see the grain....... sand grain  ;D :P

(sorry its april first and SS is driving me mad)

100 % rejection today.

Submitted 27 pictures over the last three days, all different subjects, taken over a period of several weeks.
They were reviewed today- 100 % rejection for "noise". All of them.

Not one single pic made it through review..... ( iStock and Adobe had no problems with the same pics- all approved over there).

Edit: I just discovered that two og those pics are already online- I submitted them a few weeks ago already. In those days they were approved ok.
So they should have been rejected for beeing doublettes- but not for noise.

I dont know if this is of any help on this subject- but offers to claim your rights with their own lawyers.... And then keep their share if successful.

I havent had a claim yet, so I dont know if it works, but maybe its worth a try?

62 / Payout Alamy - cleared balance
« on: March 18, 2020, 03:57 »
I had a few sales with Alamy several weeks ago (altogether 235 $)  but they dont show up in my "cleared balance" so I cant aks for a payout.
How long does it usually take with Alamy before one can ask for payout?
Thats what my account says since several weeks:

Balance brought forward:    $94.10
Total sales:    $0.00
Commission / charges:    $0.00
Total payments to you:    $0.00
Balance carried forward:    $94.10
Cleared balance:    $14.23
Next payment date:    Not due

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock Creative Cloud Bonus Program
« on: March 11, 2020, 03:28 »
Sorry if this was discussed before, I have this note on my dashboard to redeem my creative cloud code.
Is this for last year and automated for everyone? I haven't asked for it, so I don't know how it works?

It works quite easily - click the button next to the number, copy and paste the number, fill in - done :)

64 / Re: rejection rate
« on: February 28, 2020, 17:28 »
If it takes two or three days before reviewing my rejection rate is about 5 %.
If it takes two minutes to review (as it happened three weeks ago) its 99% rejection rate.

At the moment it takes several days and now pictures, which were rejected three weeks ago, are ok.

65 / Re: 10 years in alamy, should I give up?
« on: February 26, 2020, 16:57 »
What shall I say- Alamy is performing great since they were sold..... Had a 188 $ sale today, a 36 $ sale last week, views went up and CTR is 1,03 for me now....
Such a change.
There must be a whole new bunch of clients after the sale. Buyers who like my kind of photos.....


and the general public would probably just scroll past it.

The general public does not even understand that there is a problem.

An aqauintance of mine was just sentenced for using two pictures on his website without paying one of the stock agencies for a license. Im quite sure he did that by mistake without knowing he was doing something wrong.

There was a whole discussion on his facebook page about that. Any many users screaming how "unfair" that agency was to impeach him for using those two pictures. They should be free and they found it ridicolous agencies do charge money for pictures.

I tried to explain my side of the coin that photographers do earn their living by selling licenses.

But it clearly showed that the majority of people do not understand how much work a photographer puts into his pictures and that he/she should be paid for that. The majority believes pics should be free  :-\

67 / Re: istock Stats in Jan -- a bit lower
« on: February 22, 2020, 03:45 »
I thought about leaving iStock because of the ridicolous amounts they pay off.
And then I sold a pic for 122 $ in january at iStock which is 18 $ earnings for me.....
So if I sell a pic for more than 100 $ every now and then its still worth the effort....

General - Top Sites / Re: Frustrated with Shutterstock reviewers
« on: February 22, 2020, 03:10 »
Im now quite sure my photos are no longer reviewed by a human but by a digital programme.
I uploaded about 40 pictures over the last week, all in batches of 3 or 4 pictures, and they were reviewed within one (ONE!) minute or two minutes, but never waiting for more than two minutes for review.
And all got rejected.
Several reasons, always the same reason for the whole batch.
Im quite sure no human was involved in that process.
So I now stopped uploading. A rejection rate of 100 % makes me step out now.
And the other agencies (Bigstock, Dreamstime, Adobe, iStock, deposit) all had no problems with those pictures and accepted them.
Thats GOODBYE Shutterstock for me.

Oh I nearly forgot: I uploaded 4 editorial pictures (same settings as the non editorial, but with tourists in it I have no release for). Those pictures took about 3 days to be reviewed and were all ACCEPTED!!! - so there a human was involved I guess).

Off Topic / Re: What is your dream car?
« on: February 18, 2020, 14:11 »
A Volkswagen T6 van converted into a camper van by the german "Bullifaktur" from Hamburg.

General - Top Sites / Re: Frustrated with Shutterstock reviewers
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:29 »
I defenately give up with SS for now.
My 95 % approval rate changed to 95% rejection rate over the last 10 days.

Most images were rejected for "lens dust" and I removed every oh so small spot I could discover, uploaded the images for a second time and then got a rejection for poor quality instead ( "using auto-focus or poor camera sensor"). Well , I work with a Sony A7RII with a 42 MP full frame sensor. If this is a poor sensor I simply give up with SS.

71 / Re: Is CanStockPhoto still alive?
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:54 »
Given your username I'm guessing that your port is mostly images of flowers?

Ah, sorry, thats not my username, thats my real name *rofl* and has nothing to do with photographie  ;D

Well, there is an occasional flower amongst my pictures but mostly its everyday subjects, Berlin editorial, travel pictures and magical stuff. My best selling picture is in fact a steam locomotive......

72 / Re: Is CanStockPhoto still alive?
« on: February 13, 2020, 15:03 »
Cant say anything about CANstock since they rejected my application  ;D
My pics have no potential for sale they told me. *rofl*

The only agency that ever rejected my application.

So they must have quite different buyers compared to ADOBE and SS cause my pics sell quite well with those two agencies....

General - Top Sites / Re: Frustrated with Shutterstock reviewers
« on: February 13, 2020, 12:16 »
Nearly all of my submissions over the past week were rejected for "visible sensor or lens dust".
Those were new pics I took last weekend but also older pictures from a year ago.
Those have been accepted by all other agencies with no problems.
At normal 100 % I cant even discover any dust. Just at even higher resolutions and a very harsh contrast I was able to discover very few and small spots.
Never had that before. There must be somebody out there with a magnifying glass searching at 600 % on altered pictures.
If this continues Ill stop uploading to SS.

74 / Re: keywords missing
« on: January 26, 2020, 13:30 »
I always loose a few keywords with SS.
I tag my pics with exactly 49 keywords each (in LR).
After uploading I often discover that my SS pics only have 45 oder 46 keywords.
Seems a normal policy with SS.

Got an answer from AGEfotostock in the mean time telling me

- they are sorry they uploaded my pictures under a wrong copyright name (but did not change it to the right name til now)
- that I cant terminate my contract before december 2022 (full three years)
- my pictures will remain online for 6 more months after december 2022
- I cant have any pictures deleted
- yes, they do work with affiliates (they call them distrubutor) but wont tell me which (so I have no bloody idea who is selling my pictures)
- I cant opt out of that affiliate programme nor choose any affiliates

My resumee after all of that:

be beware of the spanish AGEfotostock

You loose all control of your rights and pictures and they might even sell them under a different copyright name.

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