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Phillip Minnis:
I'm just wondering if it's worth uploading to this site. 

I've joined up, uploaded my model releases, and I've been sent the FTP details via e-mail. 

I haven't started uploading yet, and before I do, I'd like to hear some 'recent' feedback about the site.

Is anybody having sales on this site?
I have about 10 sales per month on scanstock with little less than 8K pictures online; not much but still better than most low earners (where my sales are usually 0 per month)

So - without high expectations - but it's worth a try in my opinion

They're also honest and quick in answering emails and payments

With about 1100 images there I'm averaging a payout a year - not great but the upload process is easy.

The upload is painless by FTP. The model release module is primitive. You will have to stitch your model releases together in case there is more than one model in the image. Average sale 1 per month, with 380 images online.

I used to have 1-2 sales per month there with a portfolio of around 400 images.  I haven't had any sale since March though.

One euro per image is an excellent earning (I have RPDs much lower than that in other sites).  Their price (3-4 euros) is also a bargain for large files, but expensive for small ones.  As I sell mostly XS-S in other sites (except in subs, of course), maybe this is the reason why they are not more succesful.


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