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A new way of self-hosted sites - demo launching today!

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--- Quote from: jacoblund on June 30, 2020, 05:58 ---
--- Quote from: Tenebroso on June 29, 2020, 17:12 ---A great job. And very difficult from scratch. very elegant and with very good taste and details. Excellent quality. Congratulations.

One of the problems, besides the work and time, is the storage of files in volume.

Can you tell me the storage memory, the weight of the files as a whole today? How many files take up how much space?

Thank you

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the kind words.

The files will take up as much space as they are currently taking up on your hard drive. When it comes to thumbnails, etc. everything will be hosted on Shopify servers. This hosting for this is included in the Shopify subscription fee.

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It seems that it has a folder with thousands of images. My interest was to know the number of images uploaded to the personal website, to understand if it influenced performance, the speed of viewing and if I have performed a performance test entering a large number of users at the same time to see the behavior. I think I remember that it offers two types of files per image.

For me, the large amount of weight in stored memory is one of the biggest problems we encounter in this business. On video, this problem is multiplied by 20.

I liked the trial download detail. Thank you. I understand that you are very busy.


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