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Been approached by an agency, need your help

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So two years ago I was approached by a US agency requesting to use one of my photos. The terms of the agreement were a little loose (it was my first time selling a photo directly) and we ended up agreeing on a two years contract for 1500$.

Now the two years are up and they just contacted me asking to renew for another 1-2 years offering 800$ for a single year and 1500$ for two years.

Again there's no proper contract so far but these are the rights they are requesting:
Licensed for $1500 for 2 years print, retail, collateral, social, website, banners, trade show, field marketing

Is this sensible? Can / should I ask for more? Let me clarify that on a regular month I make 20-50$ on microstock sites


I have sold same kind of deal by directly too. About the price, I think that you only can say is it a proper price or not. When I thinking the price I have to consider:

- exclusive use or not
- what image cost to me (model payments etc.)
- how difficult is copy identical image via new shoot
- how big company is customer (for small business prices are lower)
- do I need that money :)
- etc.

Doesn't sound too bad. The fact you've accepted the same amount before slighty minimises your room for negotiation, but not too much... so I guess it boils down to, what the odds would be of them being able to source a new image and/or the time and money to alter existing assets they are using. If you charge them $3000 for the image and it will cost them $6000 to source a new image and update everything... then I guess everyone's a winner. Kind of. Although it might backfire and you get $0.

An annual increase isn't out of the norm though, so if it was me I'd probably just explain that my rates have increased in the last couple of years at 10% a year, so the price for two years would now be $1815.   

Last time we sold ONE image for exclusive rights for 12 months use we got 3000$. And that didnt allow for anything but for one specific clientīs use! So no more re-sale. One purchase one use.

Some has prop got even more! It depends on the material, but unless itīs a "HIT-image" itīs prop a good deal for you.

I think most people here will agree that most images will never make even close to $3,000 in their lifetime, so yeah, I would be happy and take it.


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