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I have converted my KTools personal stock agency into a Contributor's Collective.  For the past few years there has been much talk about forming a contributor run agency, but no one has stepped forward to make it happen.  I believe with our commissions are being slashed, and the other problems pervading some of the major micros, it is time to take matters into our own hands and look for something better.

My immediate goal is not to be an agency large enough to be ranked as a "Middle Tier" or "Low Earner."  Rather my goal is to produce more RPI/month for a small number of contributors than a Low Earner would.  Until we are generating sufficient traffic to make it worthwhile to open up the contributor's collective to everyone, it makes more sense to keep the list of contributors fairly small at first.

I am inviting any photographer with a track record of success in microstock to join the collective and upload immediately.  No firm numbers necessary.  As soon as we get a requisite amount of images, we will temporarily close the door to new contributors until our traffic catches up, and demand is meeting supply.

Costs - None.  I am paying out of pocket for all the software, hosting, and eventually advertising.

Commissions - 80% to start.  We will eventually decide as a group how to balance advertising and commissions.

Vectors? - Not yet.  Just photos or raster art for now.  I need to change some settings to eventually allow vectors.

Reviews? - Never.  Your track record of success already tells us that you know what you are doing.  Eventually we will let the buyers decide by culling the database of images which never sell.  But this is a long way down the road, and we will decide as a group how this should be handled. 

If you are interested in contributing, or helping in any way (ideas, advice, blogging, etc), please post or PM me.

Congrats! I applaud the effort and I'd love to see more little agencies with fair prices and payment pop up.

Nice!  You have good initiative!

Thank you. 

Cory, I should have the site set up for vectors soon.  If you are interested, the door will be wide open for you.

VB inc:
congrats on taking the initiative and good luck! I wish this thing takes off even tho im exclusive to istock now and mainly vectors. Im all in favor of the suppliers getting the majority of the money for their hard work and one day in the future when i have a huge successful port, i plan to open my own shop too.


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