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Here is my personal store!

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I was getting jealous of all the guys starting their own shops, so I decided I should have a website too  :D

I went with CMS Account.. We will see how it goes.. If after a while I am not happy about it or encounter problems with it, I might switch to Ktools.. But so far, have had no real issues..


I also had this personal site for a few years now but finally gave it a good make up using wordpress:


I do have a few more sites including a wordpress site with getshopped ecommerce plug-in but won't mention it here becase it is not as practical to upload as CMS account..

On the other hand, I have no idea about how Ktools work, maybe it is much better than CMS account.. Would like to get a second opinion.. the reason I went with CMS account was: at the time I made the purchase, (nearly a year ago) the design looked better than Ktools.. Maybe I am wrong..

Amos Struck:
Stick with Wordpress if you are familiar with it! Better SEO better Plugins, no fees no update issues, open source.

Two thumbs up, IMO. I spent about 20 minutes looking at the site and could not find anything wrong with it. Lots to like. I had not heard of CMS Account.

Hope you will keep us posted on how it goes for you.

Amos Struck:
If you are also offering vectors at Shutterstock, you should take a closer look at the plugin for Wordpress which we have developed. It let you show your Shutterstock vectors below any blog post or product. They also come up at the search and so on.

It looks good. It looks like it functions fairly similar to Ktools. Definitely, a nice clean look.


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