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Has anybody created a customized Popularity sort?  I haven't figured out where the Popularity is being determined, and if it is hard coded within the KTools server.  Just trying to figure out a way to do a sort so that you don't get a "bunching" of similar images uploaded on the same day.  It would be nice to add a random element to the algorithm.

It looks like it goes by most viewed images. You can see what images have been viewed the most in the manager under stats. I don't think you can change it.

Thanks Cory. 

The Popularity sort will be customizable in 4.0, but I don't have a clue when that is coming.

4.0 scares me now. I've made so many changes it would be like starting over. Hopefully, they add some really enticing features to it.

I agree.  I've started to make more and more changes too, and I don't relish needing to start over.


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