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Melcher on Fotomoto


Melcher brings up some interesting points on Fotomoto.

Fotomoto offers the ability to commerce enable images on your own site, blog, etc.

The agency model seems a bit outdated for where internet commerce is headed. Maybe this isn't the solution but some new model will eventually displace agencies or at least significantly reduce their share.


Now this looks really interesting. I might give it a shot.

Black Sheep:
i want to try Fotomoto in one of my travel sites but the first impression is it takes a huge load on the page speed, a lot of real estate in the screen (every photo will have links on top) and it's quite cumbersome to say the least, what about licences for instance ? can i specify RM or RF ? again, i've yet to put my hands seriously on Fotomoto but it's seems too simplicistic to add a link "download" without any warning about licence type and much more, it looks perfect for people making a site with stolen images rather than for professional photographers.


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