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Hi all, I hope this isn't inappropriate but I thought this might be of use to a few people. I work for a web design company that have created a new hosted stock library solution.
A few details you may find interesting...

Extremely easy to use, both for you and your customers
Sell original, medium & small image files
Payments go direct to your PayPal account, we do not take a cut of the payments!
You prices of course
Sell in your preferred currency
Batch upload with IPTC, XMP integration
Your own branding, content, watermark, styling
Fully hosted - managed using just your browser
Use your own web address
Use your own Google Analytics code
No contract tie-ins!!

Free 100 image tier, check the site for more, up to date details.


Sean Locke Photography:
So, basically photoshelter?

Just out of curiosity is it related to Avid, the guys who make the (awesome) film editing software and also own Digidesign?

What does it cost? No pricing on the site.


--- Quote from: FD-regular on July 14, 2010, 16:05 ---What does it cost? No pricing on the site.

--- End quote ---

they do now. "low monthly cost of only U$35", that's more than U$400 per year.


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