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Hey Guys,

My name is Mike and I am new to the community. I am a fan of photography and been involved with numerous art/photo tech projects in the past. Currently, I and my friend are thinking about creating a new peer-to-peer stock platform where artists will have the ability to sell images/videos directly to buyers with very low transaction fees (5-10%). We are doing research in the space and would really appreciate your feedback. Would you be kind to fill out the short survey below:


Two words. Mar. Keting. Finding a platform isn't a problem, the aforementioned two words are.

Search for Symbiostock on this forum as well for a lot of history of similar attempts. Symbiostock is still going, but my sales using the approach have been pitiful, I'm afraid, mainly because of those two words mentioned earlier.

In essence, many people search for images, but don't want to spend money. The ones that spend money usually have accounts at an agency somewhere and go there first.


This has been tried before and was not too successful, but not for lack of enthusiasm.  You might want to look up past discussions about Symbiostock to see what was done previously.  That one was basically free but my impression is it required too much effort to get started.  These ideas are easy to come by but difficult to implement.  You should think about it carefully and come up with a really good idea before proposing much here - this bunch is pretty jaded after all of the previous attempts to do this.  The problem is marketing - oops, somebody just beat me to it, see previous posts.

Mar........- as in buyers, not just contributors.
Attracting the B's are the biggest problem.


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