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Uncle Pete:
I was just looking and the price is now lower again. Yes it's a net?  http://www.ktools.net/

$29 for Photostore Pro which allows for video and other files. Pro does some things extra, but for $10 more, why not?

pdf, mp3, ai, svg, stl, doc, mpeg, mpg, avi, mp4, mkv, mov, wmv

Anyone using this currently? I think for the price, I could buy it as a toy, just to play with the software?  ;)

Edited to add: "PhotoStore is fully functional however we no longer develop or support it. We do not offer any support. All support questions can be directed to our support forum where we have hundreds of active members who can assist you. The money back guarantee is also still available."

The support forum doesn't appear to be there either. Kind of disappointing that there's no support and no forum and it appears the software has become As Is no future.

Demo link is not working on my end.. http://www.ktoolsdemos.net/photostore/

I'm using the ktools store. Last I checked they don't support it at all, and the forums are woefully out of date. You would need to open an account and have the admin give you access to all the hidden stuff.

That said, the software works for the most part. The only issue I am having is with an old flash uploader that is part of the video upload/update screen, it is the only upload section for the program that doesn't give you different options for uploading. I cannot add thumbnails nor a rollover preview for video (it is all very manual). I am no programmer so I don't know how to pick it apart but I don't have many videos to begin with. The photo side is excellent. Site is photominingstock dot com if you want a look.

Fun to play with, and setting up contributors (and taking a percentage) is dead simple. Worth trying to see if it might work for your needs. 

Good luck to all who make their own work selling sites.


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