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Title: Picjumbo, backend or how to sell directly subscription ?
Post by: MilanStojanovic on April 25, 2017, 18:47
I'm trying to figure out how does www.picjumbo.com (http://www.picjumbo.com) subscription model work; Ok they use Gumroad to process payments, but how do they automatically deliver new customer access to files? Through Dropbox I assume, probably by sharing folder (with a simple link), that's fine but how to cancel access to that same folder once customer stops paying for service?

To run picjumbo PREMIUM Membership, we use two excellent services: Gumroad and Dropbox. Gumroad is the payment processor; and Dropbox is the storage platform for all PREMIUM Collections. So once you order the PREMIUM, you will receive an email with receipt and relevant links to access the content, and latest PREMIUM update right after that.

Via Dropbox you can download the photos or collections even without needing to have a Dropbox account. You can always download either individual picture or the whole collections by clicking ‘Download’ and then ‘Download as .zip’