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--- Quote from: visceralimage on March 06, 2011, 00:42 ---I am interested but only 1100 wildlife images

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Thank you, I had a look at your folio and I think having it in our project makes sense because the nature of it.
Can you PM me as we are now few who discuss this beside the open forum.
Thank you

PS the door is still  open to all if there is a common interest!


I have decided to form a Virtual Agency using my existing KTools site.  This way, nobody has to contribute money to a project that have no contract with to protect their investment in.

I am completely open to ideas about pricing and commissions.  My initial thought was to place prices close to Dreamstime's credit sales and iStock's non-exclusive credit sales.  Commissions would run around 70-80%, which would allow me to recoup my costs of setting up the agency and paying for monthly fees, and eventually start marketing.

I did some math...a 2400px image at iStock costs about $15, so a 80% commission would net the contributor $12.  Pretty sweet in my opinion.  A blog sized image priced at $4 would net $3.20.  That would be pretty fantastic if the lowest priced sale still produced a commission north of $3.  Think of the RPDs!   ;D

Some other thoughts -

* Photographers/artists would be accepted after I had a chance to review their portfolio.  Anyone interested can contact me, but I would like to begin with larger portfolios and establish a solid base.

* Once accepted, contributors would be able to contribute their work without review, sorta Alamy style.  But if the contributor was found to be uploading a lot of problematic images, they would no longer be able to upload until the workflow improved.

* We can have an Editorial section for people who produce a lot of editorial appropriate images.

* The independent sites I am familiar with gained traction once they got close to 30,000 images.  That is a good number to shoot for, and could be accomplished quickly with 4-5 large contributors.

* While I would run the site, anyone wanting to help out with design, or theory, would be more than welcome.  I'd like to create a contributor community of sorts where we could keep in touch with each other through MSG (or otherwise) and decide how we want to proceed.

Anyone interested should post here, or PM me. 


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