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As discussed in other threads, we are few that are going to adapt a KTools site to a virtual agency with multiple contributors. 
We are looking for 5 or so more of you having complementary (e.g. life style wanted) folio of at least 3000 to 4000 pictures who would be interested to join such initiative.
We would share the site and decide together the way to drive it. We have already started to share some ideas and I think we could be operational quite soon.
We believe that the volume and diversity of such site will make it much more attractive. With 10 contributors to start with we will be 10 times bigger compared to individuals and use 10 times more resources to make us known.
Note that you may join even if you have decided to go with your own agency! I have myself already 2 Ktools sites.

Please answer in this thread with a link to your folio or PM me if you are interested.


It's an interesting proposition.  What commission structure will you be offering to photographers, and where will you be setting your prices?


--- Quote from: djpadavona on March 07, 2011, 18:10 ---It's an interesting proposition.  What commission structure will you be offering to photographers, and where will you be setting your prices?

--- End quote ---

Good questions.  I would be interested in knowing this too.  Also would like to know how payment will be tracked and disbursed.

Lisa, Dan, Thank you for your interest.
Good questions, I can answer that we like to have this discussed and decided within the group of 10 or so founders who wants to join now.
My opinion on the points raised in your questions is the following:
The reason to share the site is to create volume so to get more clients and not to run a new microstock library.
Therefore the site will not generate profit and all sales money will go to photographers that will share the running costs. Founders are not necessarily requested to contribute themselves to the site set up, maintenance & administration, but we will outsource this (can be one of the founder if interested).
Running costs are paid by a % of the photo sales. The % shall be adapted to cover the costs of services we want to have and will decrease with the site success…I imagine that once we have sales we will have a commission of 80-90% to the photographer. Set up cost will be paid by the founders on equal share --> will not be a big amount of money!
Price policy shall be similar or cheaper compared to existing micro-stock sites. I guess it is an advantage to have a common price policy.
With Ktool photographers can trace their sale.
I have started to elaborate on those questions and more and we will soon have a private forum to discuss this here, meanwhile I'll post you more details. Jean

How are you going to deal with image reviews or is everyone just allowed to upload everything?


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