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Wordpress Theme that might be useful for Selling



Looks pretty clean and look at the features.

I tried WordPress for a while and I gave it up.  The reason is that there are a lot of plugins that are useful, but when an update comes out, those plugin customizations need to be re-updated.  It got to be too much work for the return.

Last week, I decided to migrate my site over to Zenfolio.  There isn't really a blog option but that's OK - I'll spend the time I used to spend blogging working on shooting pictures.

Zenfolio is similar to Smugmug.  I bought a one year package and am pleased with the results.

These are great photoblogs free for wordpress. Autofocus is my favorite.

Themes are pretty cool. But yes plug-ins somehow creates problems with the site. After an update or installation of a plugin, you should check pages instantly confirming while they work fine or not. And  deactivate all those plug-ins who is creating problems in your site.


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