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If you have your own photo store (Ktools, Smugmug, etc.), how do you treat your own similars?

I don't have a store (yet) but as I am going through my backlog of files I keep asking myself if I should edit the best of each series for my own future store or if I should just keep it at the limited number that I will upload to the agencies (hehe and the 1 of the series that I will upload to Dreamstime).  

No - I wouldn't try to sell anything that I wouldn't expect to pass the process at other agencies - this isn't about questionable quality - but sometimes there's shots that are quite similar (like Leaf's big smile little smile post).  Do you upload both of those shots to your own store, or do you keep it lean and mean?

For an agency the similarities would cause problems indeed, because there are so many contributors. That's why they need to deal with this - I'm not talking about Dreamstime's schizophrenic approach to what they think it's similars.
But for only your portfolio, I would advise to let the similar shots on display. You're only one photog, the prospective buyer would scroll through at most 2-3 pages, not 100, to choose.
So yea, those two shots of Tyler - I would keep them both.

Is it possible for you to make a link with "more of this series"?

Since you can invent and experiment for yourself - why not stack them, like how stacks work in Lightroom or in Snow Leopard. It would potentially be a neat solution.

Do what you think is right or what your customers will like. It's your store after all. I think the similar thing is kind of a lame excuse by agencies, so I put them all in and try to organize them properly in my store.


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