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I was hoping to write a blog article on IllustrationInfo.com containing people's personal stock sites. So if you run your own personal stock site, feel free to post it below. Please include:

Name of Site
A brief one or two sentence description

Here's mine:

Cory Thoman
MyStockVectors is a premium collection of cartoon vector illustrations by artist Cory Thoman.

Feel free to write your own blog article as well. The idea here was to promote each others sites on a bunch of different websites. Hopefully, people will take time to participate and provide their info.

Name of Site: Real Stock Photos
URL: http://www.realstockphotos.com
Owner/Artist/Photographer: Tyler Olson
A brief one or two sentence description: Real images of real people.  I like to shoot candid portraits of professionals and outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Great idea Cory!  I'm finally getting my personal blog up and running this week and an article on other independent sites sounds like a good way to start.

Name of Site: Clip Art Candy
URL: http://www.clipartcandy.com
Owner/Artist: Amanda Bodack
Clip Art Candy sells fun modern clip art and illustrations with an emphasis on people and vector characters.

I don't sell stock directly thru my site but do receive queries concerning photography ... among other interests.

Sharing links is an excellent SEO tool.

Mine is here:

Name of Site: Jareso Stock Database
URL: http://www.jareso.com
Owner/Artist/Photographer: Boris Jaroscak (jareso)
A brief one or two sentence description: Personal website of enthusiast photographer. Website features selected photos of landscapes, animals and architecture.

Plus I added yours:
MyStockVectors, Real Stock Photos, Clip Art Candy
To "links" section of my website. Here:


If anyone else wants to exchange links with me please let me know!

More of my personal website(s) is here:

For now I have just about 20 personal portfolio websites aimed at direct promotion of my stock portfolios. ;D
Such as:
1.) http://www.jareso.sk for Slovenská republika
2.) http://www.jareso.cz for Česká republika

You may read here why I have so many language versions of my website(s) if you want.


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