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  1. Contributor forum deceased?
  2. Shutterstock put ad banner in the Dashboard
  3. Should I mix content on one account, or create separate accounts?
  4. Shutterstock announces Flex Premium - everything for one flat fee
  5. Shutterstock acquires PicMonkey (Canva-like design site)
  6. 0.25 USD per footage on SS
  7. No payment mail yet?
  8. Is SS site down?
  9. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  10. Shutterstock+AWS press release: your images as AI training data
  11. Shutterstock account closed, portfolio still available
  12. Analysis of portfolios who rank on the first page of top-500 customer queries
  13. Shutterstock Q2 numbers: good for them, not so much for contributors
  14. Banned by Shutterstock?
  15. Someone tricked the Shutterstock algorithm?
  16. My photos keep rejecting my photo
  17. On 3/1/2021, Stan "the man" CEO cashed in nearly $8 million worth of SSTK stock.
  18. Got a warning for calling Jon Oringer's photos "suck"
  19. does SS have any opt-in programs that are optional?
  20. select footage collection
  21. payment BEFORE June 2020 and what subscription that time?
  22. Shutterstock, one year later, what's the impact on revenue?
  23. Anyone get paid (April)from SS yet?
  24. Adjustment on SS
  25. Shutterstock Technical Problems Again
  26. Shutterstock just became iStock 2.0
  27. Will Getty buy Shutterstock?
  28. Approved pictures not appearing in Images Portfolio folder
  29. Worst month on shutterstock
  30. The Buyer sells access to mobile app with my illustration as a primary content
  31. This just in. Shutterstock launches "All The Best Artists" campaign!! yay!!
  32. Shutterstock revenue increased by 2% but cut cost by 8% in 2020 over 2019.
  33. Once upon a time
  34. This veteran stock photo/video artist's February earning was 1/9 of peak months
  35. Customer end "predicted quality"
  36. How Oringer Could Improve Creator Compensation
  37. Very low video sales
  38. Shutterstock payment
  39. Attacked because of a keyword - what can he do?
  40. SSTK gain - 50% in June and July
  41. It's nice that Shutterstock is pushing social justice agenda on their blog posts
  42. Reached Level 2 on videos w/o selling any.
  43. Anyone get paid from SS yet?
  44. Shutterstock unlimited - annual plan for unlimted downloads?
  45. Banned. Payment withheld no response.
  46. money disappear
  47. SS sales January
  48. 422 videos made me only 99$ on shutterstock
  49. Unable to Log Into Shutterstock (Bug)
  50. The Shutterstock customer search!
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