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Blender 2.9 animation settings to pass Shutterstock's review process?

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Is here any Blender animator that wants to share those miracle settings that pass Shutterstock review process? I tried lots of them. Rendered with Cycles and Eevee. 128 and 250 samples. High quality and losless. And of course rendered with Quicktime codec.

All of them were rejected. Don't know what more should i do. Should i raise to thousands of samples? That would take months if not years in some cases although would be pointless as further from 250 samples there was no difference to be seen.

Rejection reason was noise/artifacts some like that.

Note that i used denoiser in Cycles. Eevee does not know such thing.

Would appreciate an answer from a contributor that has animations already accepted in their portfolio.


Have you successfully uploaded to other agencies?

Clair Voyant:
Why would you want anything to pass the Shutterstock review process???

To earn money. Or try to earn money for your work.

I have been very critical of the galactic kings, gods of the universe. Knowledgeable about science and owners of the power of black holes.
Like Google, SS is the best seller, Images. The videos really, it's cruel x 15.

Whether companies treat us like people or like cockroaches, companies go to their business. Normal. For bohemians and lovers of the universe and the planet. Poets of the dawn, here we are, the collaborators suffering from childbirth without an epidural.

@Tenebroso i don't understand the meaning of your stellar reply nor the sarcasm and... yes. i tried to Adobe Stock and it semed that all if them were in parameters.

@Clair Voyant To be able to build my footage portfolio on their agency of course


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