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Title: Can't view my PENDING files AND...
Post by: ChasingMoments on February 09, 2008, 23:06
Deleted cookies, history, restarted my computer, everything works but I can't view my pending files, really annoying as I can't delete the file that I do not want to upload and I cannot check what's pending and what I still need to upload.... anybody else having this problem?

What happens is that I click and the page tries to load and I never get anything, not even an error or any other kind of message, just blank screen and the loader on top of the page going round'n'round.... arrrrghhh!

AND... just found out that I can't' get to the "Submit" (via html) page if I go through my submit.shutterstock.com page....FIRST, I have to click on forum, and from there - if i click on "submit" - i get where I want to get...