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So, Shutterstock now knows that offering ELs at a 50% discount is by and large acceptable to contributors and will now be testing for an even lower bottom line.  Where is your bottom line or will anything do?
Is anyone getting 50% less for every EL?  Most of mine are less than 10% down.  That's annoying but as EL's are so infrequent, I'm not overly concerned.  They shouldn't be looking at increasing the discount, unless they can increase volume of sales.  They lose money with lower prices, unless they sell more.

Same here. I think I have gotten one so far this year, and IIRC it was around $20. I will double check that number tomorrow, but my bottom line would be if i were getting more than a few a year and they were less than $20. At that point I would definitely opt out. Right now, it is just not a concern for me. Since everyone has the ability to opt out if they are bothered, my decision to stay in only affects me.

edit: i just checked...i have gotten 2 this year, both paid $26.70. I totally understand and agree with the sentiment...ANY reduction in our pay is absolutely going the wrong way.
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