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Looks like Ive been banned from the SS forums

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It seems that I can't reply to existing threads or start new ones on the forums at SS. Can't send private messages either. Hopefully, the ban is temporary. I didn't receive any notification about it or anything like that. No e-mail.

Ive hardly said anything negative on the forums. I did share my outrage of the new massive payment cut but so have most other contributors. And I expressed my thoughts about that ages ago - not recently. And some contributors have been a lot more vocal and aggressive about that topic than I have.

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait it out.

Evaristo tenscadisto:
You got microstock forum which in my opinion is the best..
why in world do you want to be in a forum where who owns it treats you badly?  don't get me wrong but i find it good news to be banned from that particular forum. Kind regards.

Dunno what's up with SS forum but I noticed yesterday that 'quotes' were disabled but didn't try to post anything. If you look at the landing page of the SS forum you'll notice that the last posts (most up-to-date) are from Tuesday. I reckon that it's maybe been cancelled due to lack of positivity toward SS.  ;)

Hey good point. Ive noticed an absence of new posts recently. And gosh yea that would be a bold move disabling the forum but I'm not surprised why.

There were some good people on those forums that I liked to converse with.

I have noticed a few people had short term bans from the forums recently. I just assumed that the same thing happened to me.

I think that SS does notify you if you're banned because they also give you a re-instatement date. I looked at my forum profile and no bans or warnings on that. So.....maybe they just suspended the forums. Must have been painful to them having gotten all adverse comments removed from FB and other social media only to discover that they were hosting their own adverse comments site.  ;D


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