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On 3/1/2021, Stan "the man" CEO cashed in nearly $8 million worth of SSTK stock.

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What's your definition of them having matured? I mean they were at the same price as they are now back in early 2014.

I was saying that future prospects will not be so bright because a breaking point has happened when they introduced their new rules. You just have to look at the content that is being upload now and by who. It is very very weak. You might think that good enough and competing on price will make up for it. i disagree. Buyers will look for content somewhere else if they cannot find what they are looking for. They don't care if the have to pay 1 dollar for photo or 10. Content is king and once you are dissatisfied you close subscription or single buys and look somewhere else.

Getty/Istock went through it because their crazy price rising when H&F acquired the company made many customers jump ship. Now on SS many contributors are jumping ship and not looking back at Oringer child. The Tsunami always takes a while to happen but when it does the consequences are catastrophic. Once investors see this ( I was saying 12 or 24 months ) the stock value might drop sharply. That's my prediction ...might be completely off. Only time will tell. Now it's time to celebrate double digit benefits at the expense of the contributors slash. The owners are sacking their heavy bags for a reason.

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--- Quote from: everest on July 04, 2021, 08:27 ---From a business point of view clever . They are already reaping what they sought. They are also selling. That is a big red flag. You will see what will happen in the next 12 or 24 months. Oringer will be already out. But mark my words. Shutterstock will not even be in the top 4 in a few years....

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from a business point of view floating an IPO is always followed by selling when stock options mature - no predictor of the company's prospects

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Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: cathyslife on March 07, 2021, 16:53 ---Most here are so over Shutterstock. You seem to be obsessed.

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I missed that the first time around.

That and going through dead "why I hate Shutterstock" threads and bringing them back to life. Oddly how many are coincidentally the same person who is resurrecting a a couple of banned persons threads. Maybe I need to open a second account, so I can quote myself?  ;)


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