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Shutterstock video sales slowing down, Adobe picking up!

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SS video clip sale for $0.77. Really. Are clips now joining the SS photo mantra....Fill your pockets, boys! They will take anything!

DJW Productions:
Good news! I've had 12 sales on SS in the past month. The bad news is 10 of them were for under $1 and the other two were for $5. My one sale on AS has made me more.

I did just get a $100 video sale on SS on a video thats been there literally years, i'd forgotten existed and had never sold before.

Still does'nt make up for the large number of <$1 sales though.

For context, I have thousands of videos on both ss and as. Traditionally earn several hundred a month in videos at each site.

SS sales are up and AS are down. For the past several months.  Not what everyone here wants to see, but it's reality.


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