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So they do use AI to review then...

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If there is so much cost cutting, it is sure that this business is unstable and unsustainable even for big giants.

The highlighted text is a charming euphemism for making reviewers ie actual people (in the US and overseas) redundant and using 'robots' instead. SP is the master of obfuscation. Sstock is such a caring company. Not.

Over the years, I worked for 2 or 3 companies that ended up in trouble. You start to recognize the signs. They get rid of the bottled water cooler, no more free popcorn in the employees lounge, etc. Layoffs.  Then on payday everyone rushes to the bank to cash their checks before the money runs out. The final straw is when you get to work in the morning, and the doors are locked because rent hasnít been paid for months. And yet top management still lives the life of luxury. Sigh.  :( I generally donít wish ill will on people, but I really hope this happens to SS. Except the only ones who will pay are the honest-working employees. Oringer et al have squirreled away their billions, so what do they care.


--- Quote from: trabuco on July 31, 2020, 05:27 ---We all knew that.

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Since when?

Does this explain all the stolen images and similars (spamfolio's with almost exact copies) that got in while some of us get tight reviews with rejection for similar even if it's a totally different angle or concept? Not to mention all the other ridiculous rejections?
So that would mean some get a free pass (no reviews) while others get the bots?

I think if it was AI they would scan the library for exact copies (or flipped horizontally/vertically) and reject, all in a matter of seconds, no?

Again this only makes sense to me if some would get a free pass while others get AI reviews and after complaining human reviews.


--- Quote from: Snow on July 31, 2020, 07:19 ---
--- Quote from: trabuco on July 31, 2020, 05:27 ---We all knew that.

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Since when?

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Since all my 50 images were reviewed in 1 second with the same program that they use on BS.


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