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Author Topic: Very poor sales in Nov!! :(  (Read 18265 times)

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For us who did not get lazy and slack off, but have been uploading our max ability week after week for years and keep at it, but still see sales and income dropping, any suggestions?   A bit simple to say just produce more and watch the money roll in at this late stage in the game.

I don't know your port. I would suggest trying some new things outside your comfort zone. I went back and reprocessed some images to give them the Instagram look, and they started selling better than the ones with normal processing.

Thank you.  Good suggestion.  I have tried doing some things like this and they do sell, but this takes time and I can still only produce so many good hcv images per week without help.  With reducing income I don't even consider taking on help.

It is nice when people like Rinder and Rob share suggestions.  Most do not anymore.  They are worth trying.

  For me, I planned to try doubling output for six months to see if I could increase income average near past levels.  So far I haven't been able to double the output. I hope maybe after Xmas I can try it and keep quality and originality.   If it succeeds it will be a lot of work. At least if it fails I can take a nap and spend more time with my kids!

Try using the Catalogue Manager at SS to monitor how much your new work is actually making. Create a new Set for each month's work (i.e. containing all the images uploaded during that month) and it will continually update the sales and revenue generated by those images.

From that you will be able to derive the revenue per image/month. I reckon a microstock image to have a 'working life' of about 5 years so if you multiply the revenue per month by 60x then you will have roughly projected how much your month's work is likely to be worth over its full term.

I recently created a Set for each month worked over the last couple of years. I found the results both surprising and highly motivating. I discovered that newer images were much more important to maintaining or increasing revenue on SS than I was previously aware. Most importantly I've determined that creating new images is most definitely still worthwhile __ even if you only uploaded them to SS. The revenue from other agencies is just an additional bonus!

Great suggestion!  I never knew that was possible to do.  I will spend some time to set this up.  If my results are like yours, it will be motivation to spend the time making more volume of new work.  Many thanks for constructive idea.

You're welcome! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I regret having been so lazy for the last few months whilst being unaware how much it was costing me in 'opportunity lost'. It's actually quite exciting when it updates each day to see how your last couple of months work is doing.
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I agree, sets is a very Powerful tool.


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