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Where is Everybody?

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Jo Ann Snover:
I check in once or twice a day, but don't post unless there's something of note going on.

Stock agencies are in a pretty sad state at the moment. The archive of posts here is very useful when I come across an agency I've not heard of and can search here to see if it's been discussed before.

Many smaller agencies appear to be barely hanging on (and they would once have reps participating in discussions here) and have gone quiet.

We are now in-between "car crash" posts - some awful action by an agency - so things are not very active :)

Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: PaulieWalnuts on November 30, 2020, 20:42 ---MSG used to be pretty active. Now there's a handful or less of new posts or replies daily.

--- End quote ---

I think the interest in Microstock itself has been covered with a number of wet blankets. There's not much to look forward to and from what once was, they have cut at our income and removed most incentives to work harder. People are losing interest and there isn't much good news to share.

Right, you would think with the lock down, we'd have more people participating?

Shutterstock's changes sucked the life out of my interest in doing new work for micro. Working just as hard for a lot less money made little sense to me. I just sold my camera and will get rid of the rest of my gear eventually. Should I decide to get back into it someday, I will just buy a decent cellphone. 

I can't travel anymore or do events, which was my only other passion for photography. I feel lucky that I discovered writing to explore my creative side. I still check in here to see if there is anything new in the industry, but I check in less and less as time goes by.

Thomas from France:
Shutterstock killed my motivation...But i still read messages here...sometimes.

My photography career has wound down. I stick around here because I do still sell at Adobe, so check in to see what’s going on there.


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