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Phillip Minnis:
I just received the following message:

It is with regret that we have to announce the closing of due to insufficient sales numbers. Thank you for your continues trust and support!

All outstanding balances will be transfered to the appropriate paypal accounts within 30 calendar days. All transaction fees will be payed by allyoucanstock. In case of paypal account issues we will get in contact directly to work out a solution of the payment transfer.

All images will be permanently deleted immediately from all allyoucanstock storages.
All contact details will be removed after all outstanding balances are transfered but no later than 30 calendar days.

All technical and sales logs will be permanently deleted within 365 calendar days.

That was unfortunately very much expected.

they had vitually zero sales - surprized they lasted this long.
these days you need deep pockets and good connections with big buyers to make it

What a difference - I'm still waiting for similar message from SuperHug.

BTW - wouldn't it be nice name for one of awards categories - worst agency of the year  > "Superhug of the Year"

Same here.


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