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Any way to search your own drive by metadata?

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my workflow means that I have for years bunged processed photos into folders by Year/Month.

It is a real pain to try and find a particular image when I nee to grab one. Then the other day it occurred to me that EVERY ONE HAS METADATA. Like what our potential clients use.

So it seems a no brainer to be able to use metadata search to locate ones I need.

However a Google seems to show that if your files are on Onedrive or similar, you can search by metadata, there seems to be no solution for ones saved locally.

Is anyone out there able to search local files by Metadata? And if so how do you do it?



Windows 8 and 10 does it if you have indexing turned on, press the windows key and w together then type 'indexing' 0to configure it. On mac OSX it shpuld do it by default when you type word combinations into the search.

If you are on a Mac, as far as I know spotlight (command + space) knows the metadata on all your files, because it has pre-indexed them. So just use spot light to search for what you are looking for.

Else use Adobe Bridge. Navigate to the parent folder of all your photos. Then go to the menu, view > show items from subfolders. Then this will load ALL your images, could take a while if you have a lot. Once loaded go to the top right corner of Bridge app and look for the search bar. Make sure it is set to BRIDGE SEARCH CURRENT FOLDER. Then type in your search. This part might be quick, because Bridge has either finished indexing your images or it is going through them now. At some point Bridge will return the images you searched for.

Uncle Pete:
Wow what a great question and I never thought of trying that, or maybe i just never looked. When I have some more peaceful days, I'll start the 8T drive that I use for backup and see what happens. I suspect I already have indexing on, but if not, that would be good.

By the way, I have filed by year and month and events, but I still can't always find things, because I'd have to remember what year, and some events happen year after year, with the same location and name.  :) Perseids for example?

uh ... yup ...


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