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Desktop software to automatically cull bad Images

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Hi all, I hope that you all are doing well and staying safe!

I'm currently working on a desktop app that can identify and cull potentially bad photos from a photoshoot and help in shortening the image culling process.
It has built-in integration with Adobe Lightroom and instead of deleting any of the images, it simply star rates and color codes them.
More information about the app and a video walkthrough can be seen here: https://www.aftershoot.co/coming-soon

I wanted to hear the community's thoughts on this and know if this is something that you might be willing to incorporate into your workflow.

The software is still in active development and we are planning on a beta release this July that would be free for all.
If anyone's interested you can let me know via a post here or by emailing me and I'll be happy to share the app with you.


After decades of doing this, I trust my own eyes and my experience to tell me which images should be culled and which should not. So I'm afraid that I'm not a likely prospect for your new software.

However, I wish you well in your endeavor.

Wow!!!!! x4

I'm in a very bad time. But thank you very much for sharing. I save your nick, I save the link to this thread and as soon as I have time I look at the topic. I do not think it works for me, I am an expert at being a novice.

I only have bad files and finding something decent is the hard part. Sharing your work seems a big thing to me. Sounds like a good initiative.

Thanks and take care of yourself too.

I could not help but enter the forum to congratulate you.

Jo Ann Snover:
Honest opinion. I wouldn't use it and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even a beginner.

One of the things you have to be able to develop is the ability to "see" the problems with your own images and know what to do (either in editing or by shooting differently next time).

If you don't develop that ability - and there's no way to do it but lots and lots of shooting, reviewing, editing (repeat) - I don't see how you can ever learn or improve.

I'd also question how you could possibly have any definition of "bad". Whether it's lighting, focus or composition, how do you separate artistic choices from a blunder?

The only thing that is useful is to select pictures that are not sharp. Even that is not useful. If a picture is really good, being slightly blurred won't stop me from using it. And sometimes it is even intentional. There is a Focus Mask feature in capture One, I guess there is something similar in Lightroom, too, which highlights sharp areas, so maybe a script that selects picture without the highlight could be useful. But what if focus is off, meaning it is on the picture but not at the right place, it wouldn"t be selected and it is still not useful. I don't know, I would like to see that program in action, I'm really curious.


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