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FTPS upload to Shutterstock fron Java

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I'am a developer and writing my own upload tool.

If i upload a image, the upload seams succesful, the server gives back: 226 Transfer complete (and the storeFile() method true)

But the image is not appears in the submit content page.

Has anyone an idea how i can upload an image to Shutterstock, that will be appears in the submit page?

Not many developers here?
I have already solve it  :)


--- Quote from: whosvegas on May 31, 2021, 12:46 ---Not many developers here?
I have already solve it  :)

--- End quote ---

Great that you solved it. What are you trying to achieve with your tool?

I'am writting my own upload tool

If i need an option, i can write it by myself :)

Reinventing the wheel :-)


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