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Did the pandemic change how contributors upload? Not as much as we thought!

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We ran the numbers for 2019 and 2020 and realize that the pandemic has impacted contributors and agencies in different ways as we thought. Read here to see the numbers:


What do you think? Is it what you expected?

To me the numbers look pretty much exactly like what I expected.

Also, I feel like all of this doesn't weight in the change in royalities on Shutterstock, which might have a bigger effect on how much people upload than a pandemic. Many people stopped uploading to Shutterstock or uploaded less because of the lower royalities, not because of Corona. At the same time a lot of contributors told people to switch over to Adobe, which many people did, as you can see from various forum entries.  I think that's a major factor in contributors' upload behaviour as well.


within a couple of years the covid photos will turn into millions of allergy and contamination photos. A niche is closed.

Yes, now I use mask and gloves to upload

Fantastic to see SS falling behind AS for newer content. Serves them right. Who wants to upload stuff only to see it get (much less than) 15% come January?


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