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any sold files?

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Hello i want to ask you who have files here if it is worth for me to upload 30k files here. You get any sales or i will lose my time? Thank you.

Don't bother.  Over the last year my earnings there are .3% (3/1000) of my total across all agencies.  That's a decline of almost half from the year before, which already wasn't enough to matter.

Jo Ann Snover:
I no longer upload there but I've left the 1300 or so files I uploaded alone. I do get occasional sales but it totals about $50 a year so I can't see how uploading even a large number of viable images would pay you enough to make the effort worthwhile.

The sales are infrequent but I would still upload.  You should get enough payouts for very little work with such a big potfolio, the upload is easy.

I just closed my account there. Never got any sales and it wasn't even profitable for Peter.


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