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How's the sales for SPM?

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thanks for the speedy reply. i have found the statistics but i cant find "my files" in the account drop down menu on the left.

wich text file is it you mean i should open

If you click on my account

you will get a big list with links

the 8th one down is

My Files / edit files click on that to see your portfolio

If you haven't had any downloads you won't have a text file

my stats look like this

--- Quote ---Statistics:
 0 purchased file(s)

0 download credit(s) available

1 file(s) downloaded/sold   Details (Tab-separated file)  <------ this is a link to a file giving details of the download

851 file(s) online

0 uploaded/unfinished file(s)

8 pending file(s)

7 rejected file(s)
--- End quote ---

Thats all for today as i am of to the pub to see if France will join Italy in the world cup final

Hi to all!!! How's this site performing for you in terms of sales. Any improvements???

as stagnant as a pond on a warm summers day

I had a couple early on, but since then zilch,nada,nothing.


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