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How's the sales for SPM?

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Does anyone has any feedback on the sales rate?

I've been there for over 2 months and have now about 70 images, but no sale.  One person I know who's been there longer than I have said it's veeeery slow.  And judging by the file numbers, they had over 950000 submissions, so the portfolio must be huge (they reject very little), so I guess they need to work on the marketing.  I read somewhere that they had plans of improving marketing this year.


Was everyone spammed by the Swedes?

I  have been building up a portfolio here for three months and now have 681 images here. The acceptance rate is about 82% (not as good as 123rf 94%) and finally I had a sale 1.80 euros of course minimum payout is 60 euros so still a very long way off. Strange this sale occured shortly after I mentioned on this forum that I was going to stop uploading to them.

Hopefully they will start trying to attract customers instead of photographers. As looking at some of the viewing figures they are pitiful.

call me stupid but i cant find a "downloads" page anywhere on the site. can any of you help me?


I presume you are referring to your downloads.

To find those log in and scroll down to the very bottom to the statistics where you will see the third stat

1 file(s) downloaded/sold   

but to find out what was downloaded you need to open up another text file - a rather strange site


click on the link my files (you may have to click on my account on the left column) to access this list

then click on downloads or views to arrange your images accordingly.


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