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How do I delete my images?

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Can't see a good reason to stay on Stockphotomedai... I cant figure out how to delete my images though.  Can anyone help?

just asking them the same by email. After 7 days i received the following answer:
(the most laughing part is the "My images/photos are not selling, what can I do?"!!!!!!!!!
They must joging 3 selling on their site & almost 1000 in SS & IS)

"We received your cancellation email and we are sorry for this. We wish you all the best in
the future.
"Note that photographers who have uploaded photos commit themselves to leave the content
on for at least 6 months. This is regardless if the photographer
wants to delete his/hers account".
The main reason for this is we spent substantial time on every photographer for approval,
Ranking and reviewing the photos, not to mention bandwidth,
marketing and overhead costs.
Note that after 6 months, from the upload date, there will appear a delete button in “My Account > My Files / Edit files” and you will be able to delete the photos yourself!
But we hope that you will reconsider. Why delete all your photos? Is there any harm having them here?
You're not selling the rights to your photos. Upload them to as many sites as you want and sell everywhere! Deleting them from here would be to eliminate potential sales.

Best Regards from

/Team Stockphotomedia

My images/photos are not selling, what can I do?

There may be a number of reasons why your images/photos are not selling (why nobody is purchasing them):

1. Your photos are not in demand commercially, in other words there may not be so many people who can actually find a use for your photo. It is better to take photos that you believe will be commercially viable, if you are in it to make money. Look at Popular images to get an idea of the current top sellers.

2. You may have not uploaded enough photos. All of those in the top income bracket have portfolios with from 100 up to several thousand images/photos in their document files. By uploading only a few images/photos you will not generate that much money. Upload a fair sized collection of your most commercially viable or fantastic photos.

3. You may not have allowed enough time/not waited long enough. If you have just signed up and have only built up a small portfolio, keep expanding that collection and give it a few months.

4. The quality of your images/photos may simply not be good enough.

5. You may not have entered enough keywords or you may not have chosen the best categories for your image/photo when you submitted it/uploaded it.

LOL, I was the one who originally posted this!   

I had received a response to send them a file number and they would delete it.  (I didn't get around to).

I followed the steps in your post, and I cannot find a delete area under edit.  These photos have been up there for at least 19 months.

Do you have a delete feature?  Am I missing something?

after my email i found this "magic" delete function for files older than 6 months

I'm curious as to why you want to delete from SPM. For me, they have generated twice as much money as LO. Obviously not a lot, but still...


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