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Never had any dld in SPM - have you?

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1300+ files online .. 43 downloads ..

Been there around 8 months, 531 files online, 10 sales, 14.48 Euro.

Pay per sale is excellent, and sales are improving. They generate twice as much income for me as LO. I stay, and continue to upload.

Miracles happen!  I got a sale in SPM, an illustration, got EUR$1.50 for it.  39 sales like that and I get my pay-out.  Hmmm, that must be around 2066...


Inger Anne Hulbækdal:
You don't have to wait that long, - you can request payment when your reach  60 € or every 3 months .


48 files for last 7 months & 3 dls, €0.96...
ill closed down my account as these agency doesn't work for me.
i have done the same with LO & canstock.
The next might be the featurepics: 0 dls in almost 2 months.
The same pics goes well on SS, IS, BS, DT, 123.
Yesterday i gave a try to snapvillage & waiting their approval.


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