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Never had any dld in SPM - have you?

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I've been there for over one year, 122 images online - I stopped uploading months ago.  Never had one single download.  Come on, even at and Gimmestock I had dlds!

Does anyone have a good experience there to share?


Inger Anne HulbŠkdal:
I have been there since december 2005, and from my portfolio of 204 images I have only sold  7, which has earned me Ç 8.50.


About 4,000 images there maybe 20 downloads, I continued to upload because i often had a link to my portfolio on the frontpage but my download rate continued to be dire so i stopped uploading too much work for less than 1% of earnings.

1.5 years - one download - closed account, SY

Pulled my test images after the time period allowed. Think I had one sale in that time.

Not worth bothering with I'm afraid.


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