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Stockphoto Media Closed?

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Hey all  :D

Stockphotomedia may not be closed after all.  I went over to their sister site.... and logged in.  The English version of the website which is (when you click on the british flag on the site it will take you to the English site) is down... but the Swedish version is up and running.

Anyway I emailed them about the problem and asked them if they were still in business.  I also requested a payout as I had about a 20 Euro balance.  As long as I get my money, I'll be happy. My fingers are crossed.  ;D


Uncle Pete:
Could be just a registration problem.

Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-12-14T14:08:28.00Z

Creation Date: 14-dec-2004
Expiration Date: 14-dec-2015

The old domain stockphotmedia. com is still unavailable. Only the swedish domain (still?) works:-(

Here is the official reply I had from the support of the Swedish site -

Craystone that is attending our domain have missed sending us an invoice
and therefore has been down but the Swedish side is still working.
Because of all the holidays it has been difficult to reach the support.
I have finally come in to contact with the support and has been told the reason for the interruption.
The invoice is now paid and the site will be up shortly.
We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience
Best regards
Team Stockphotomedia

I've noticed the possible closure too, with the domain notice.

So, what happens to our photos that were loaded to their site?


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