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Watch out - they take your images as hostages


We made, as many others , in the beginning of our "microstock-career" the mistake to try many agencies, just to find out that many of them are highly unserious and dubious .

Stockphotomedia, for example, does not close down your account.
They expect you to delete every single image with a singular click on to a delete button.

We, for example, have some thousands of images in their database and it will take us a helluva time to get these thousands images deleted
This is their way to make you stick to them.
This is the most unserios behaviour i have ever encountered amongst 50 agencies .

Stay away of stockphotomedia!

Another reason of not sending them your images?
They do not sell!

SS in one month = between 200 and 500$
Stockphotomedia in more then 7 months = ZERO !!
With the same material!



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