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I found an article on Pickerell's site saying that
stocksy's members have voted to open up the membership to more people. Is this true?

Sean Locke Photography:
What he said is true.  We have voted to remove the membership cap.  We will still have the same standards during the "call to artists" as previously and be looking for new members that compliment or add uniqueness to the collection.  They're revamping the "call to artists" process a bit as well, and the plan is for applications to be reviewed much faster, as they realize the long waits were not the best experience.  I've also expressed the need for a more in depth "what we're looking for" description.

I don't know if they're going to go back and re-review previous applications or whether you'd need to apply again.

Sounds great, I've been submitting often and getting rejected. Very willing to give it a shot again


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