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Image Upload Issues - Truncation



I am trying to get used to stock uploader and I find it works mostly well except that maybe every 4th image is truncated and I have to delete and reupload. This happens across all libraries. Is there a way to stop this. Its costing me a lot of time to sift thru what hasnt uploaded properly and what has


Hi Chris!

sorry i didnt see this message earlier.

are you on the latest version of stockuploader? this issue is a problem we had in the past and should be fixed since we have the chilkat library. if youre on the latest version, could you please connect to the FTP with a normal ftp manager, download the broken image, and mail me the original and the broken for comparison? my address is [email protected]


I was able to reproduce the problem and just released a version that should fix this. please let me know! thanks!


Thanks I will give this a go tonight hopefully


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