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Need help with SS page parsing



I want to write a little tool for my task bar to show me some numbers (views,downloads,etc) from my MS accounts, because im pissed off to log in each site separately every time.
I found that some of them have API and i can use it to log into my account and fetch the statistics, but SS for example doesnt have contributors API. The only way to get this data is to parse the web page BUT they have Captcha for login.

I found many 3rd party tools here. Could anyone of the programmers here please help me (it might be private message) or give me a direction how you get over it.


So I had some quiet time at work with no tools except MSOffice available and wrote a bunch of VBA scripts to pull port and sales data from the various sites and update an access database.  This avoids the capcha problem by just ensuring you're logged in using IE.

I dont wanna use a browser. I write a program in c++ which pulls and parse the page/API.


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