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Thank you for your attention in 2015. Happy to see your more images in 2016.


Fredrick Lee:
Hi every one,

Happy to see you here.

There is less than 1 month to 2016. Please register in in hurry so that you can get Storage-Fee-FREE-Forever account.

The promotion, "Upload and get advance payment", will expired in Jan 1, 2016. So if you want get advance payment, you can register and upload your images ASAP. It takes time to process the workflow. We are working hard to review and process the images. have launched for about 1 year. We will give 80% royalty to contributors. It's still the highest ratio in this industry.

Thank you for your attention in this year. We will work hard and try our best to sell creative-files in the future.

Am I missing something? I can see average-looking snapshots of nature for $599? It is still RF licence, isn't it? :o Would you reveal to us what your business model is?

Conversely, I found a rather nice, and certainly very unusual, wildlife pic for 'from 1' (tiny size).


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