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Goodbye, Symbiostock

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Well, the inevitable has finally happened: Bluehost has shut down my Symbiostock website for performance issues. And they also shut down my personal portfolio site as well, since it was hosted under the same account. So now at the very least I need to find a new host and rebuild my personal website, since I need that for my real career.

Any suggestions for a portfolio site?

What a waste of time and money the whole enterprise was for me. Sad.

i think you can copy your folder tree from the server and upload it to another hosting server, I think that is possible, but depends on certain factors. sorry to see this happening to you

Oh no, not one more minute wasted trying to figure out hosting and whatever else. My personal website only needs a few examples of my work, so I'll concentrate on that. It's good that the decision was made for me, I suppose.

have you talked to bluehost?   I've had similar shutdowns thru justhost; their tech support is excellent &  it didn't take much to get going again, as long as you are comfortable working with phpadmin, sql, cpanel stuff;  all your files are likely still there

it's pretty straightforward -- WP leaves a lot of trash behind - I empty the analytics history table, then optimize the bigger tables (repair & optimize are just commands you click on)

https://my.justhost.com/cgi/help/496  has details for justhost but should give an idea of how to proceed

I have 2 sym sites with about 10K images each, and I now need to run this every 3-4 mo; takes just a few mintues once it's familiar

I was using bluehost once as well until they one day simply decided to shut the lights off because the site was using too many resources.  Fine that they have limits but just shutting things down without notice doesn't seem very professional to me.

I ended up going with siteground


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