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Symbiostock Needs its Own Licensing System

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Leo Blanchette:
See attached pole.

Symbiostock needs a few licenses to choose from, which can be applied to any image. To keep it simple, we will make a visual system.

Each image, above or below the product table, will have an icon or color signifying what license that image is under, and a link to that license which will point to either:

* A dedicated page on that site.
* A licensing page on Symbiostock.com.
* A dedicated page on that site which also points to one on Symbiostock, to ensure consistency.
I will list License types below as people tell me. I understand there is some standard licenses out there as well available to the crowd?

Unique Symbiostock License:

Symbiostock needs its own unique license, derived from one of the models already out there, but personalized to Symbiostock. This license will ensure:

* The content (that is, the individual images using the license) is exclusive to the owner's Symbiostock site. If its found to be otherwise, it defaults to a cheap royalty free license.
* The license would add value to the customer's purchase and protect its use.
* It would most likely NOT be royalty free, but a more valuable license to both customer and supplier.
* Should be the sort of license that attracts big clients that want a unique work/artist. (Someone told me some organizations are restricted from using RF content.)
The existence of this unique license (which demands the product be exclusive to the SY owner's site) will give people reasons to search the network, knowing there is some hidden exclusive gems out there. It will also start to gradually get us out of Microstock dependence since it as a result will acquire its own audience. Its very important people have real reasons to take the time to browse theSymbiostock network. This license would be one of them.

I understand there are different types of systems out there RF, RM...I'm not extremely knowledgeable in this area. Please note them and I will list them here. Is there a place we can obtain default/standard verbiage? Please let me know. Is anyone actually able to prepare these for Symbiostock? Now is the time.

This licensing system, if people take it seriously, could be implemented by the time 2.0 is released, and it will look / function very well.

Symbiostock members as a group must:

* Determine what is needed.
* Determine a system for assigning licenses within website.
* Acquire/Set up license(s)
* Give stuff to Leo and tell him to implement it.

This is actually something I was thinking about the other day trying to find a licence that was neither royalty free not rights managed but something in between but even after doing research on the licences could not think of a way of doing it.  I came to the conclusion that the images would have to be unique to Symbiostock and not available on royalty free sites

there's not even a standard definition of RF, RM and editorial (or even exclusive!), so no std licenses.  I think best approach would be to have symbio come with some basic definition of those areas, and then let people customize them in the child theme

and RF doesn't necessarily have to mean cheaper - after all images sell on alamy for 10 - 100 times what they would on other agencies even when they're RF.  I know from experience on ebay and amazon that buyers often don't even do simple comparisons.

Again cascoly I agree with you: "RF doesn't have to mean cheaper" and absolutely agree with the first part of the post. We tend to consider "standard" license that aren't so. Other licenses can inspire us, but as cascoly stated best approach to me is to have some common rules and then in respect of these, everyone can customize.
Leo remember when I emailed you the questions for the interview? While I was writing, I thought the flexibility of selling directly; I also put a note, almost a motto in the bottom of the mail: Symbiostock! Buy from the copyright owner, highly personalized service, flexibility, fast support.
An example of flexibility. A customer needs an image for a project and doesn't want that the same image is used by a competitor. In all the agencies this is a real problem. But if we selling directly, we can say: the image has zero download, you can pay (more) and I deactivate the image you want six months.
So how this deal can fit in a general license?
I think that we need some guidelines but then the licenses will be customized by us according to the needs.
Mmmhh... maybe is it possible in a upcoming release to have the number of downloads visible close to the pictures? Maybe as an option to turn on/off ;D

Leo Blanchette:
Thanks for the interest guys. I'm going to go out on a limb here and leave this completely to the SY community.

Symbiostock members as a group must:

1. Determine what is needed.
2. Determine a system for assigning licenses within website.
3. Acquire/Set up license(s)
4. Give stuff to Leo and tell him to implement it.

This is going to make life much easier for me. This is very important. I hope the interested people can make something happen. I'm updating original post with this...


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