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To the "Legacy Users"

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This post is addressed to the initial users of the old system we had created to network sites and sell direct.

Soon I will be putting out a beta for it's replacement, 6 months in the making. While there were many users, this call goes out to those I had been more closely associated within it's development, its testing, etc. The announcement also extends to those who grew "attached" to it, have been enjoying sales through it, etc. This does not apply to those who have very understandably moved on, or to those using the hybridized version which was repurposed for other agendas (not my product).


I will not putting out the initial release here in MSG, though I would have liked to do so, but rather I will be dealing personally with those who maintain interest and have found the concept useful.

It is prudent not to go into great detail at this time, but here are some things you can expect:

* No more wordpress dependency.
* No more complex website administration.
* Cleaner, faster, simpler.
* Future-oriented.I could expound, but I think these four things really emphasize what I have striven for.

Unlike my previous endeavour which was indiscriminately crowd-sourced, this will start mostly as a private endeavour between myself and those mentioned above.

You may contact me via my website (http://www.clipartillustration.com/contact-clipartillustrations-com/) or via facebook.

Welcome back Leo.

Wishing you success.


--- Quote from: Copidosoma on February 25, 2016, 19:42 ---Welcome back Leo.

Wishing you success.

--- End quote ---
Thank you! I'm actually hoping for the success those who use it, as was the original intention.

Understandably not everyone will do the same sales, or have even the same goals. The intention with this final thing is to at least save people much time and simplify much of their day's work in Microstock, which in itself lends to a form of profit. To avoid confusion or misplaced hopes (which causes unrest), I wish to keep all concepts and expectations as simple as possible.

Needless to say, we've discovered how not to invent the lightbulb! But the lightbulb is still a good idea.  Lots of users were overwhelmed and had a lot of varying hopes. I want this project to be a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, whichever you prefer.

Symbiostock Broken:
FTP is broken on my site, cant find directory folders


--- Quote from: Symbiostock Broken on February 26, 2016, 03:22 ---FTP is broken on my site, cant find directory folders

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One fine day these things will be a memory. But for ol' time's sake, go ahead and send me an email and we'll fix it.

Nice nickname, by the way! You should keep it.


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