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I have found by accident that the search doesn´t pick up expressions, only single words without space. In most cases that is ok, but how about common expressions like "New York", which should be very common?

Now I must edit the pics and enter all such expressions as single words, "new" and "york". It is tedious sice I have thousands of pics to upload, and it will also create many unnecessary hits for people who are looking for pictures of York. Maybe a stupid example, but you understand what I mean. Any chance of fixing this, or should I go through all my pics to modify my expressions?

It is a well known issue. The way I have approached it is to leave my compound keywords as they are - New York. I think that almost all of my purchases will be from someone searching Google and finding the specific page and image they are looking for. Google searches all these things very well. Hence, you image will be found for "New York". The chance of a buyer starting at my home page to search for an image is very low, in my view.


It still is an issue which needs to be resolved

It makes sense I guess.

But I have this vision that the network will contribute to traffic on my site, Why would we have a network if that was not the case?

I think the global search is a very good idea, everyone should have it on top in their network directory. Connecting to ten other sites is very limited, but if everyone offered global search, and if it could show more hits, maybe 50 or so, we would really have a good start. Maybe it should even be in the template to encourage everyone to use it.

Cover it all with (new york, new, york)


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