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Make it easier for buyers


Just gone to look for the site via Startpage search.

The first 5 results are all aimed at photographers.
The 6th - which is what a buyer is really after - is called     
Symbiostock Global Network Search

Is there any way that this order can be fixed (manipulated!)? Ideally, if the goal is to sell photos etc, it would come first. And I would suggest a clearer name:

Symbiostock - search for that perfect photograph/illustration here. Which is then backed up by a nice, bright page featuring images (taken randomly?).

It does all seem very complicated - even from buyer point of view. I'm sorry to say this but it really is true. KISS - keep it simple and all that!

I also just went looking for the forum. I got there eventually (!)  but the 'core' of the network does seem to need some simplification.

Has the issue of Leo not having enough time to do everything been resolved?  I'd love to see Symbiostock succeed.

OK. Got my tin hat on - but intending to be helpful!

I think the question will get more replies on the Symbio forum.

In fact, there's already a thread about this.




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